Why Interviewing a Real Estate Agent is Important

Wednesday Jan 08th, 2020

Realtor Interview

Recently, we were informed by our assistant that she had decided to pursue an opportunity to further develop her skills in another field of interest. We were most happy to support her in this next chapter of her career. After posting an online ad to find her replacement, we found ourselves overwhelmed after receiving over 290 applicants within the first 10 days. Some had some administrative experience, some had real estate backgrounds, and some were hoping to apply their seemingly... [read more]

Real Estate Negotiations in the 21st Century

Friday Nov 29th, 2019


In today’s day and age, I feel we rely a bit too much on electronic communication, whether by text or email. Don’t get me wrong, email and text are extremely convenient and efficient methods of communication and both definitely have their advantages. My concern as it relates to real estate (or in many businesses for that matter) is how dependent we have become on electronic communication on a daily basis. I feel that sometimes the conveniences of email can sometimes work to our... [read more]

Congratulations - your offer was accepted

Thursday Oct 31st, 2019


These are five words that I never take for granted in this business and I am aware of the impact these words have for my client. My client’s life is about to change in a significant way each time I share these five words. The new house my client just purchased is not just “a three bedroom house with a detached garage”.  This new home is where this family is going to make many memories. This is where Johnny is going to learn to take his first steps. This is where Kelly... [read more]