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Protecting Your Home Against Termites

Spring's arrival brings a smile to most, but warmer weather can also bring homeowner concerns in the form of unwanted guests. With the start of the spring housing market, we reached out to our Specialty Services partner, Orkin Canada, to help educate clients about termites and why it is necessary to be aware of these damaging insects.
One of the major things termites require to thrive is warm temperatures. As the temperature rises, it is important to recognize the conditions conducive to termite infestations and how you can protect your property. Dan Dawson, National Marketing Manager at Orkin Canada explains the magnitude of the threat posed by termites: "Subterranean termites typically cause the most structural damage and are most prevalent in the southern coastal areas, the dry climate of the Okanagan areas of British Columbia, southern Ontario, southern Quebec, and the Maritime provinces."

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373 Roehampton Ave

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Top 5 tenant gripes about condo landlords 

While the regulatory powers that be sometimes fail investors, landlords are no saints either.

According to Geordie Dent, executive director of the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations (FMTA), condos are unique in terms of residential tenancy law and landlords often fail tenants when condo-specific conundrums crop up. Here are five investor missteps that can leave tenants out in the cold and send even the best renters running for purpose-built rental units.

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Protect your home against Hurricane Sandy

Every news station has covered it: Hurricane Sandy is a force to be reckoned with. New York has closed its subway and even the stock exchange! While we might not have to deal with the brunt of the storm like our neighbors to the south, residents of Southern Ontario should prepare for record rainfall this week. With such high levels of precipitation, homeowners can help prevent water damage to their homes by taking a few simple precautions that focus on:

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It's a renovation rebound for 2012

While most of my previous columns focus on residential new home construction and its impact on the economy, I think it's time to take a look at some of the recent accomplishments of a very prominent industry affecting homeowners: home renovation.

It may surprise some of you, but the home-renovation industry is worth about $66 billion and accounts for 56 per cent of all residential construction investment across Canada, a fact that's been overshadowed by the success of the new home construction market here in the GTA.

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