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Can’t afford Canadian property? Downsize your home, upsize your storage locker

Few people who rent a storage locker think they’ll keep it forever but maybe more of them should.

Real estate prices in Canada are at an all-time high while condominium units have never been smaller, making the need to find a spot to store your accumulated “stuff” more critical than ever.

“When people stop storing junk, I’m out of business,” says Mike Burnam, the chief executive of Columbia, Missouri-based StorageMart which came to Canada in 2007 and is now one of the dominant players in the country with 70 properties and about 5 million square feet. “My biggest competitor is the dumpster.”

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Expert advice to help prep your home for what’s ahead

It’s been a great fall to just kick back at home. But the fine weather is, well, finite and home reno and repair expert Bryan Baeumler is here with some expert advice about preparing your home for what’s to come. After all, you don’t want to be caught with your furnace down on the first seriously cold morning.

Baeumler, the award-winning TV host, today kicks off a new Star column with advice and tips on maintaining, mending and modernizing your living space.

“I’m going to answer questions about their homes — their greatest asset — and impart some hard-earned wisdom to help them avoid making mistakes,” says Baeumler, 39, the Gemini-award winning star of three series returning to HGTV.

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Protect your home - and your investment

The terrible flooding in Alberta earlier this year struck an emotional chord with Canadians across the country. For most families, their house is their largest asset, but even more importantly – it’s home.

Natural disasters are a vivid reminder that putting the right insurance in place is essential, says Paula Bandi, a product manager at RBC Insurance. “You’re protecting the financial and emotional wellbeing of your family.”

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Home decor has come a long way in the last 25 years

With the Fall Home Show celebrating its 25th anniversary, we thought we’d revisit some of the looks from the very first show back in 1988 

The ’80s are remembered for questionable taste, homes filled with wall-to-wall carpeting, busy wallpaper, pastel tones, glossy black furniture and patterns galore. Chinoiserie, Tex-Mex and Sante Fe influences were evident, often put together in head-spinning combinations — the expression “less-is-more” had not yet made its way into out decorating vocabulary.

Today, comfort and function are key, with an understated elegance proving spaces can be effortlessly stylish and uncomplicated, while still being technologically advanced. Smart homes are coming into their own, allowing us to enjoy our precious downtime to its fullest and proving the new rule in designing your space is: there are no rules, just don’t go ’80s.

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Canadian home sales gaining momentum 

Canadian home sales are edging back toward the levels they were at before Ottawa decided to tighten the market last summer.

For the first time in a year, the number of homes that changed hands over the Multiple Listing Service last month came in higher than one year earlier, driven by rebounding markets in Vancouver and Toronto.

The large gains are partly due to the fact that last month’s sales are being compared with a weaker market. It was in July, 2012, that sales plunged after Finance Minister Jim Flaherty changed the rules, cutting the maximum length of an insured mortgage to 25 years from 30.

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