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Simple Furnace Maintenance: Changing Your Filter Will Save You Money & Energy

For many homeowners, the old adage "if it's not broken, don't fix it" has become "if it's not broken, don't think about it." At Carson Dunlop, we understand why most homeowners have taken this approach, since it seems everyone is busier than ever before. As leaders within the Home Inspection field, we are encouraging homeowners to take the odd five minute break to think about their home since it can save you a lot time, money and frustration.  

The furnace is one of the most neglected items in a home, until it breaks. Most homeowners are unaware that changing their furnace filter can save them money and improve the comfort within their home.

Setting aside a few minutes each month to check your furnace filter will provide you with the following benefits: 

   >>  Help to reduce heating and cooling costs

   >>  Improve the comfort of your home

   >>  Protect the heating and cooling equipment 


Let's adopt a new mantra when it comes to furnaces: "if it isn't broke, it's because I maintain it." This quick step once a month will allow for a better and more energy efficient lifespan for this system.

We've listed a few considerations below to help with this process:

How often should I check my furnace filter?

On a monthly basis to determine whether or not it needs changing or cleaning. 

Where is my furnace filter located?

The filter is typically located in the fresh air return which can be placed on either side of the furnace. Click here for examples and diagrams. 

What type of furnace filter should I purchase? 

You will first need to determine whether you'd like to purchase a cleanable or disposable filter. Most homeowners select disposable given how busy they are, but either one is an excellent choice. 

How much does a furnace filter cost?

Furnace filters can range from $5 to $30 depending on the type of filter you select. Visit a local Canadian Tire or other home improvement store to see their vast selection.
Helpful Tip: Write down the size of your existing furnace filter before going to purchase a new one.  

August Poll

A lot of homeowners are already on the right track when it comes to their furnaces - last August 83 homeowners admitted:

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