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GTA Resale Housing Stable in July

August 6, 2008 -- With 7,806 transactions recorded last month, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) resale housing market continued at a moderate pace in July, Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) President Maureen O’Neill announced today.

Prices remained stable throughout the GTA in July. At $371,427 the average price increased slightly more than one per cent from $366,012 recorded in July 2007 and nine per cent from the $342,034 figure of two years ago.

In the City of Toronto the average price of $395,342 increased less than one per cent from the July 2007 price of $395,044 and 10 per cent from the July 2006 figure of $360,409.

In the 905 Region the average price increased three per cent to $355,401 compared to the July 2007 figure of $345,967. This also represents an eight per cent increase from the July 2006 average of $329,644.

“Sales declined 12 per cent last month from the best-ever July 2007 record of 8,912 but increased 10 per cent from the 7,082 sales transacted in July 2006,” said Ms. O’Neill. “Comparing July 2007 with July 2006, sales increased by 26 per cent.”

In the City of Toronto 3,132 sales were recorded, down 14 per cent from July 2007’s 3,640 transactions but up 10 per cent from the 2,852 sales recorded two years ago in 2006. Comparing July 2007 with July 2006, a period before the Land Transfer tax went into effect in Toronto, sales increased 28 per cent.

In the 905 Region there were 4,674 transactions, down 11 per cent from July 2007’s 5,272 sales but up 10 per cent from the 4,230 sales recorded in July 2006. Comparing July 2007 with July 2006, sales increased 25 per cent.

From a year-to-date perspective, the GTA’s 51,249 sales in 2008 have declined 14 per cent from the 59,339 reached at this time a year ago.

Certain neighbourhoods throughout the GTA experienced increased sales activity in July.

In Whitby (E15) sales increased 22 per cent from July 2007, based on strong sales in most housing types.

Brampton East (W24) saw a 12 per cent increase, based primarily on semi-detached home sales.

Strong detached home sales drove Uxbridge (N16) to a 23 per cent increase compared to a year ago.

The Annex (C02) experienced a 29 per cent sales increase due to strong detached home and condominium apartment sales.

In addition to stable prices, the list to sale price ratio, at 98 per cent, remains unchanged from a year ago.

“While homeowners continue to see healthy returns, it is taking slightly longer to achieve a sale; the average time on market has increased to 33 days compared to 31 days a year ago,” said Ms. O’Neill. “This may be due to that fact that there is now more choice available to homebuyers; there are currently 26,543 active listings, a 28 per cent increase from a year ago.”

Posted on Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 11:25AM by Registered CommenterElaine in | Comments2 Comments

Reader Comments (2)

So it seems to me that everything is a bit slower but O.K. with our "downfalling and other horrific predictions" RE market. Seem that even though the 40 year mortgage is going, the market is stable. Now seriously. All the pessimistic analysts forgot one thing. Ask a RE agent for their "closer to the business reality" view, for example. These numbers, and the numbers before were good looking last month too and the month before, but everyone kept insisting that we`re becoming the second U.S.A. Yes, compared with the exotic 2007, it does look a bit grim,, but compare it with 2006 and what happens? The numbers are where they would be if 2007 wasn`t a record breaker.
August 6, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterToronto realtor
1% annual increase, haha, that means including agent commision and inflation you loosing 6-7%. Can you spell CRASH ????
August 10, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterspectator

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