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Leased Space Up 56 Per Cent Over Last March

TREB Members reported 1,421,182 square feet of leased space through the TorontoMLS system in March, a 56 per cent increase over the 910,530 recorded during March 2006, and a 46 per cent increase over February, Commercial Council Chair Ron Ridsdill announced today.

"Although the commercial market fluctuates broadly from month to month," Mr. Ridsdill noted." is certainly encouraging to see the spring period begin with a flurry of leasing activity."

The price for leased industrial space traded with its usual narrow range in March, averaging $5.72 sfn, which is down one percent from the $5.79 recorded in March of 2006. Commercial space averaged $15.03 sfn, up 43 per cent over the same time last year.

Sales Market Highlights

TREB Members reported 66 IC&I properties in March. Of this total, 35 were industrial properties of all size categories, which averaged $98.60 per square foot. This is almost identical to the $99.59 per square foot.

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