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Putting Listings Where the Home Buyers Easily See Them

RISMEDIA, November 21, 2006— Technology has increased the buyers’ control of the real estate market. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet have given home buyers many ways to search for real estate. Today, it has become increasingly more important for real estate professionals to get their listings in the media where home buyers and sellers can easily find them.

Real estate professionals can reach the maximum amount of their target audience by customizing their advertising approach through print and Internet means. Print advertising alone leaves 122 million Generation X and Y consumers from seeing your listings, while online advertising alone leaves 157 million Traditionalists and Baby Boomers from being reached by your listings. Real estate professionals must stress the importance of advertising in mediums reaching the most of your target audience.

“Real Estate professionals, now more than ever, must get their listings in the medias where buyers are looking, and continue to maintain an existing presence,” says Ernie Blood, Executive Vice President of Dominion Homes Media. “The lack of phones ringing and handshaking is not a sign that the home buying market is slowing down, but a sign that home buyers have changed the way they search for homes.” 

The bottom line: Take advantage of print and Internet advertising. Put listings where they reach all home buyers, in all demographics. There are four distinct generational groups, all with substantial presence in the real estate market, and all with definite buying power—the Traditionalists (Age 61+), The Baby Boomers (Ages 42-60), Generation X (Ages 26-41) and Generation Y (Ages 5-25). The generational differences are based on the media preferences they use to receive information and services, including real estate.


Note: good thing the Think Toronto Homes Real Estate Team does exactly that!  We use a mixture of both online & print advertising to market our listings to get them SOLD for our seller clients.  Check out our Resale Homes ad in the Central Edition in full colour of Toronto's largest real estate magazine!

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